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10 Cannabis Influencers That Are Black Women
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10 Cannabis Influencers That Are Black Women

10 Cannabis Influencers That Are Black Women

“This shit is a Girl Blunt. I only smoke Girl Blunts.”

This list was inspired by an influencer who encouraged her audience (Melanin Mary included) to search for cannabis influencers of color with over 10k followers on Instagram. Instead, I searched for female influencers of color. There were more than I expected, but not enough.

Imagine searching for photos by typing “cannabis influencers” into the search bar and the results populate 200 options for you to browse. You want to be more specific, so you filter the results to include people of color. Those 200 options are reduced to 38, that’s 81 percent.


Yep, 81 percent! That is the percentage of marijuana companies owned and operated by white men. To get more specific results, you refine your search to only include Black women in cannabis. Fewer than ten options populate. 

Cannabis businesses are whitewashed. Therefore, cannabis advertising will either also be whitewashed or have used Black people as props behind the lens of a #6F creative director. It wasn’t until brands recognized that Black people actually spent money on products did marketing to Black people become an option. Even that energy had us fucked up with its tone-deaf ads, like that Jenner girl’s lil Pepsi commercial, those racist H&M hoodies, and the newest edition of Blackface Couture by way of Gucci.

Cannabis Influencer, Koi eloquently noted in an IG Story in 2019 that there aren’t enough non-celebrity influencers of color in cannabis with a social following that exceeds 10k. Consequently, creating a barrier to larger advertising and business opportunities. Depending on who’s running the show, sometimes you see us, and sometimes you don’t.

Here, you will see us. Check out these ten growing, cannabis influencers who are Black women. You can hire, pay, follow, support, love, and compliment. Click their links. Repost their content. Be fed by their passion for cannabis. And, again, offer them paid opportunities.

@koi_likethefish454 | Cannabis Influencer

@wowashwow | Cannabis Advocate

@dejanaetanye | Certified Cannabis Educator

@_shadesofsyd | Cannabis Content Creator

@og_hotmess | Cannabis Advocate & Consultant

@arielashantiii | Cannabis Queen

@d.m.blunted | Cannabis Writer

@mskindnessb | Cannabis Business Owner

@savinamonet | Cannabis Designer

@tylertherapy | Cannabis Content Creative

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