10 Cannabis Influencers That Are Women of Color

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“This shit is a Girl Blunt. I only smoke Girl Blunts.”

This list was created in collaboration with someone who pushed me beyond my laze to actually search for cannabis influencers of color with over 10k followers on Instagram. Instead, I searched for women of color. There were more than I’d imagined, but definitely not enough.

Imagine searching for photos. You type “cannabis influencers” into the search bar and the results populate 200 options for you to browse. You want to be more specific, though. Cannabis influencers of color, right? So you filter the results to include people of color, and it’s reduced by 81 percent.


Yep, 81 percent, which is the percentage of marijuana companies owned and operated by white men. Your results went from 200 cannabis influencers to 38. But you still want to be more specific. So you filter your results to include women of color in cannabis and fewer than ten populates.

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And if cannabis businesses are whitewashed, cannabis advertising will be by default. Well, advertising in almost any industry is pasty AF. It wasn’t until companies recognized the value of minority money that marketing to people of color became an option. Even that initiative has been coming at us sideways with tone-deaf ads like that Jenner girl’s lil Pepsi commercial, those racist H&M hoodies, and the newest edition of blackface couture by way of Gucci.

Back to cannabis. Like, Cannabis Influencer, Koi so eloquently brought to her followings attention – there aren’t enough non-celebrity people of color in cannabis with a social influence that exceeds 10K. Ultimately, making it more difficult to access larger advertising/partnership opportunities. It’s like Houdini’s running the show; sometimes you see us, sometimes you don’t.

So here are ten growing, cannabis influencers that are women of color to HIRE and PAY and follow and support and cheer on and love and shower with compliments and spam with notifications. Click their links. Repost their content. Be fed by their passion for cannabis. And again, hire them for paid opportunities.

@koi_likethefish420 |Cannabis Influencer

@wowashwow | Cannabis Advocate

@greengoddessglow | Certified Cannabis Educator

@_shadesofsyd | Cannabis Product Specialist

@og_hotmess | D.C. Cannabis Advocate & Consultant

@arielashantiii | Cannabis Queen

@d.m.blunted | Cannabis Advocate & Writer

@mskindnessb| Cannabis Advocate and Business Owner

@savinamonet | Cannabis Designer

@afrocannaqueen 🔒 | Cannabis Advocate


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