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A Mom, Entrepreneur, & Closet Smoker Shares Her Relationship with Cannabis

The flower we inhale, the nugs we pose with, and the buds we break down are produced by female cannabis plants. It is a multiplier, a boss, and a mother. 

Activism that works to de-stigmatize and normalize how we interact with cannabis as a whole should always include mothers who consume. Mothers are expected to explain their use of cannabis to cancel negative judgment.

And as cannabis becomes socially acceptable, moms are more comfortable opening up about using cannabis to deal with everything that includes the daily stresses of motherhood, postpartum depression, menstrual cramps, etc.

There are a host of think pieces, scientific studies, and opinions on motherhood in cannabis. Mom’s Who Consume During Labor and Mother’s Smoking In-Front of Children

Mothers who consume cannabis aren’t monoliths. Their acceptance of the plant varies across generations, experiences, and influences. So I asked a mom, who consumes cannabis regularly and works outside of the cannabis industry, about their experience with cannabis before and after becoming a parent. 

Momma in Hiding
As quiet as she kept it, this 39-year-old mom and entrepreneur had an extensive, on-again-off-again relationship with cannabis before committing to a subtle routine. But, she wanted it to be known, she isn’t your “average stoner.” 

That’s only because her consumption sits next to the blouses only worn for special occasions, in the back of the closet, hidden. If you know this about her, then consider yourself a part of her in-circle. 

“Everyone has a piece of them they protect from the public, mine is marijuana.”

Her first time smoking was at a family reunion in 1998. Like many first-timers, she didn’t inhale properly, so the high was never achieved. With only this experience to pull from, she didn’t take another hit until a decade later. Even then, someone else bought it for her. “I didn’t buy it myself,” she quickly stated, then slowly said after a brief pause, “until I began selling it.” 

This escalated quickly, well, after she graduated from buying eighths to buying ounces to avoid frequent trips to the dealer. Still, she maintained privacy by only selling to an organized network of coworkers, family, and friends. 

“I smoke to chill. Once I get high, I’m too relaxed to be productive.”

Is your child aware? I do not smoke around her. Not even on the same floor level. I didn’t think she knew. I tried to avoid it, but she made a statement to my sister. I don’t want her to smell it. I wouldn’t even want my child to consume. 

Why? I haven’t done enough of my own research; I just smoke it to relax. I’m really still on the fence about it. She’s so young right now [three years old]. 

Did you consume while pregnant? No.

Do you ever feel like a bad mom for consuming? Sometimes, I do feel like a bad mom. When my sister told me my daughter knew I smoked, it broke my heart. Fighting with myself and the stigmas. I cope by hiding it. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

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