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40 Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses You Should Be Supporting
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40 Minority-Owned Cannabis Businesses You Should Be Supporting

“All my niggas in the whole wide world. Made this song to make it all y’all’s turn. For us, this shit is for us.”

Black and brown people are disproportionately criminalized for creating space in cannabis for themselves. For centuries and counting, people of color were withheld resources to build solid foundations in many industries. Cannabis is following that trend now that it’s open for business.

With heavy regulation and a lack of resources coupled with socioeconomic barriers to entry, it’s difficult to become owners, employees, or even patients and consumers in this industry. 

Removing these barriers is the main objective of our collective mission to elevate the culture. Here’s a small list of minority-owned cannabis businesses to throw that 1.2-trillion-dollar “buying power” at, to seek employment or volunteer for, to share with friends, and to critic and engage.

Go get your wallet. Spread some coins.


Blunts + Moore is one of the first black-owned dispensaries to be opened through Oakland’s equity lottery program. Find your happy place within their huge selection of cannabis products and strains.
Founders: Alphonso Blunt & Brittany Moore
Location: Oakland, CA

Simply Pure is the first Black woman-owned dispensary in Denver that offers organically grown and cured cannabis (concentrates, medicinal CBD oils, and edibles such as jams and granola bars).
Founders: Wanda James & Scott Durrah
Location: Denver, CO

Mary & Main is a medical dispensary that provides a variety of cannabis products and prides itself on being a passionate resource for people looking to heal and be healed.
Founder: Hope Wiseman
Location: Maryland

Natural Blessings is a dispensary offering a variety products and safe access to over 100 cannabis strains. Natural Blessings has been serving their community since July 2016.
Founder: Corey Stevens
Location: Spanaway, Washington


Yoga With Minelli curates yoga and mindfulness events. You can take private and group yoga classes that are combined with intentional cannabis consumption.
Founder: Minelli Eustacio-Costa

Pleasure Peaks is a cannabis-infused women’s sexual health line created to encourage and help all women have an optimal sex life. According to their site, all products are made with 100% organic ingredients, pH-balanced for vaginal health, ethically sourced, and made with lots of love. 
Founder: Antuanette Gomez

Jane Parade is an apparel and accessories brand for women who consume cannabis. According to its website, each piece is subtle in concept, with a playful approach.

Sativah Sistahs is a dope apparel company amplifying the voices of black women in cannabis one piece merchandise at a time. Their mission is to center black women in every endeavor they make as a company by using their platforms and voices.

The Apothecary Brands provides discreet, high-end luxury accessories to elevate your cannabis experience.
Founder: Whitney Beatty

Just The Tip Accessories created a Godsend that serves as a barrier. A barrier between you and someone else’s saliva in a smoke session. A barrier between your fingers and the blunt. It’s stylish and made to be worn around your neck.
Founder: Mary Hines

Dope Arrangements designs custom rolling trays, grinders, and ashtrays. You can choose a color, character, logo, slogan prepare for your smoke session. Visit the shop what’s currently available or for custom orders send an email to 
Founder: Mechelle Ellis

Marley Naturals has a beautiful line of wood-and-glass accessories that include one-hitters, bubblers, rolling trays — each made with sustainably sourced black walnut and hand-blown glass.

Buy Weed From Women is an apparel brand birthed by famous poet Jasmine Mans. Its Instagram is a full display of the sentiments behind its name. You can get a tote bag, a jacket, or a long-sleeve shirt donned with perfectly written words on its sleeve that read, “We want to interrupt the industry. We are a society of women who buy from, hire, and support women, on purpose.”
Founder: Jasmine Mans

Kush & Cute is a skincare and lifestyle brand currently under construction until next month. They’re preparing for a new collection of handmade hemp and CBD skincare products.
Founder: Marijuana Iyana

Canna.Luxe is a cannabis accessory brand for the person who loves to smoke luxuriously. Each product is made with the cannabis AND interior decor enthusiast in mind. Their modern ashtray is designed to be a discreet showpiece for a coffee or side table. Obviously, this is for the bad and bougie.

Undefined Beauty is a skincare brand offering products that assist you in your baths, during bedtime, and your daily routines.
Founder: Dorian Morris


For Women Who Smoke is an upcoming media company made by and for women of color brought to you by a black-owned creative investment firm that prioritizes Queer People of Color.
Founder: Cee Smith

Cash Color Cannabis focuses on creating conversations within the cannabis industry concerning topics important to minorities. With an event series podcast and a blog. Cash Color Cannabis is positioning itself to be the voice of minorities in the cannabis community. Check out the media production firm that curates their content: Urban Grow Media
Founder: Mehki King
Location: Atlanta, GA 

EstroHaze is a multimedia company highlighting the business and lifestyles of multicultural women in the cannabis industry.
Founders: Safon Floyd, Kali Wilder, and Sirita Wright


Elevation VIP Cooperative is a medicinal marijuana dispensary focusing on locally sourced organic and seasonal ingredients to create cannabis-infused meals for medical marijuana patients.
Founders: Andrea Drummer & Hamady Diallo
Location: California

99th Floor serves curated cannabis cuisine and hosts exclusive cannabis dinner parties.
Co-Owner: Chef Miguel Trinidad
Location: New York City & California

High-End Affair is a cannabis-infused dinner party where you can enjoy a deliciously curated meal with no preservatives, a good atmosphere with like-minded enthusiasts, and lots of smoke in the air. This is basically therapy, church, and your mama’s bosom all in one place.
Founder/Curator: Chef Nikki Steward


Sensii Cannabis is a cultivation consulting service that not only helps you obtain your grow license but also offers cannabis grow classes for you to get started if you’re new to cultivating.
Founder: Ashley Athill
Location: Toronto, Canada

Premium Produce is a cultivator specializing in the production of cannabis-derived medicine. Premium Produce was created with the intention of providing patients safe access to effective, high-quality cannabis.
Founder: Priscilla Vilchis
Location: Nevada

The Hollingsworth Cannabis Co is a family owned and operated Tier III Producer & Processor located in Western Washington. From seed to sale, they ensure a smooth experience with attention to detail and quality.
Founder: Raft Hollingsworth
Location: Seattle, WA

District Growers is a local business providing the highest quality cannabis products on the market. The company is also a registered medical cannabis cultivator.
Founder: Corey Barnette
Location: Washington D.C.


Supernova Women is an organization that offers space for women of color in cannabis education, advocacy, and networking.
Founders: Andrea Unsworth, Amber Senter, Sunshine Lencho, and Nina Parks

Minorities for Medical Marijuana
Minorities for Medical Marijuana is an organization providing education, marketing, and more to minority communities regarding cannabis public policy, business, healthcare access, and social impact.
Founder: Roz McCarthy
Location: Orlando, FL

Minority Cannabis Business Association
Minority Cannabis Business Association is a not for profit business league created to serve the specific needs of minority cannabis entrepreneurs, workers, and patients/ consumers through policy, education, and connection.
Founders: Jesce Horton and Tiffany Bowden

The Hood Incubator is an Oakland-based, community-centered nonprofit organization committed to increasing participation of black and brown communities in the legal cannabis industry.
Founders: Lanese Martin, Ebele Ifedigbo, Biseat Horning
Location: Oakland, CA


Club Kindness is a non-profit membership organization supporting patients, brands, and dispensaries with accurate and holistic cannabis education.
Founder: Mskindess B.

CannaBusiness Law is a California Professional Legal Corporation specializing in medical marijuana business law. 
Founder: Kyndra Miller, ESQ
Location: Petaluma, CA

C. E. HUTTON is a business development and investment firm offering business support services to minority-owned businesses within the legal cannabis industry.
Owner: Khadijah Adams and Charles Hutton
Location: Denver, Colorado

Comfy Tree provides cannabis training, consulting, and resources on how to enter and operate within the cannabis industry.
Owners: Tiffany Bowden

Budding Solutions is a boutique cannabis consulting firm focused on providing consultation and management services to startups and established organizations in the legal cannabis industry.
Owner: Shanita Penny
Location: Baltimore, MD


Dr. Lakisha Jenkins is a registered herbalist and doctor of naturopathic medicine. She’s also one of the founding members and the first elected President of the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA). She offers herbal products, traditional medicine blends, endocannabinoid system consultations, lectures, and educational classes.

American Cannabinoid Clinics specializes in the use of Cannabis Therapeutics for patients. Their mission is to deliver integrative cannabinoid care to every patient looking for a personalized approach to addressing their health and healing.
Founders: Dr. Rachel & Dr. Jessica Knox


Aclara Research is a private research firm specializing in analyzing cannabis patient and consumer insights and trends. The purpose is to encourage a better understanding of the usage of cannabis and hemp in treating medical conditions.
Founder: Carmen Brace

CannaCtrl a point-of-sale application providing dispensaries with the ability to track every seed grown, record every sale made, and trust every client served without the painful costs of hardware technology.
Owner/CEO: Rob Gillett


Always remember who hooked you up when you were three dollars short of a dime bag. Support your local dealer while keeping your head on a swivel – this type of support doesn’t translate well in a society with a fixed craze on making blackness illegal by any means necessary.

Spread the word.

If there are any minority-owned cannabis businesses that should be included, let us know by leaving a message. This list will be updated frequently.

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