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A Mom, Entrepreneur, & Closet Smoker Shares Her Relationship with Cannabis

The flower we inhale, the nugs we pose with, and the buds we break down…

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People Have Been Using Medicinal Cannabis for Reproductive Healing for Centuries

Women have been using cannabis for its healing properties for thousands of years. Cannabis has always been instrumental in the treatment of reproductive issues.

The Endocannabinoid System is the Reason Cannabis Has Any Effects

Cannabis wouldn’t get us high or provide relief if our bodies didn’t already have a biological system that interacts with cannabinoids.

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Cannabis Terpenes Play a Huge Role in Making Each Cultivar Unique

Everyone loves it when the pack is loud – when the earthy, skunk-like aroma uppercuts our nostrils with anticipated pleasure. Or when buds dazzle us with nostalgic smells that place you at grandma’s house on a Sunday morning.

Representing Someone Medicating with Cannabis

Every Time You Consume Cannabis, You’re Medicating. How? Cannabinoids.

Cannabis was an essential part of American medicine cabinets decades before it was demonized as the Devil’s Lettuce that fed on the brains of children.

Black Women Representing an Entourage

Cannabis Is More Than THC, Its Compounds Combined Create the Entourage Effect

When you consume cannabis you want to experience the effects you love and prefer. Some of us prefer to be snuggled into the couch with a large bag of Hot Cheetos.

Billie Holiday

The Horrific Story of Harry Anslinger Influence on Billie Holiday’s Death

“Southern trees bearing strange fruit | Blood on the leaves and blood at the roots…

Rihanna smoking weed for Harper Brazaar photoshoot

Rihanna’s Unapologetic Matrimony with Marijuana

“You been rollin’ around, shit I’m rollin’ up. Light and roll it up.” The unabashed…

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The M Word: Is It Cannabis or Marijuana?

Choosing to say cannabis over marijuana reinforces the idea that somehow the word marijuana is inferior – but it’s not, it’s just different.

Black man at protest with sign that reads, "war on drugs is a war on us."

Free the Guys: The War On Drugs Was Never About Drugs

Study after study and report after report is consistently regurgitated and gifted to the public proving that there are blatant disparities. Black people are much more likely to be sent to jail for drug possession, although white people are just as, if not more, likely to use drugs.

Cannabis Brands that Objectify Women to Make Money Don’t Deserve Money

Needless to say that marketing strategies that reduce women to sexual objects aren’t just offensive and lazy, they exclude a large portion of the market.

Man posing with middle finger raised in front of a NYPD squad car

5 Things We Need a Breathalyzer For Other Than THC

Driving While Black is daunting enough, placing a THC Breathalyzer in the hands of law enforcement will further threaten the livelihood of Black and brown civilians.